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End the Border Crisis Now

Demand Congress Secure the Border

The Federal government needs to do the following:

  1. Fully fund and finish the border fence and needed border infrastructure.
  2. Declare as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), those cartels on our southern border that meet those criteria.
  3. Properly fund Customs & Border Protection (CBP).
  4. Properly fund Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  5. Properly fund the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).
  6. End Catch-And-Release by overturning the flawed “Flores” settlement agreement & ruling.
  7. Expedite the safe return of children in accordance with TVPRA.
  8. Reform asylum laws that currently allow cartels to make billions of dollars off of human smuggling.

The Real Border Story

Fact 16: Texas, specifically, is under assault from an unprecendented wave of illegal immigration.

As of 10/7, Border Patrol has apprehended 339,135 people in the Rio Grande Valley sector of our southern border alone. You could fill up the University of Texas Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium over 3 times with those numbers.

Fact 15: The border crisis has led to countless lives lost as migrants are treated abysmally by transnational cartels.

In just one county on the border, Brooks County, officials have recovered the bodies of 39 dead migrants who were being smuggled across the border.10

Fact 14: A porous border is leading to theft from American innovators.

On an average day in Fiscal Year 2018, CBP seized $3.7 million worth of products that violate American intellectual property rights.9

Fact 13: Illegal aliens are putting our men in uniform at risk.

In fiscal year 2019 almost 800 assaults against CBP law enforcement personnel took place in the course of their duty to protect Americans.9

Fact 12: American dollars are funding a dangerous shadow market around illegal immigration.

Over 64 million dollars have been seized by ICE and CBP field agents in just fiscal year 2019.1

Fact 11: Illegal aliens are making our roads less safe.

Over 80,000 illegal aliens were arrested for driving under the influence charges in 2018.7

Fact 10: Illegal aliens do not take our sovereignty seriously.

11% of the aliens apprehended by border patrol have been apprehended before in the same fiscal year.1

Fact 9: Our Immigration laws are being abused by trasnational human trafficking organizations.

Asylum claims from aliens apprehended at the border increased 67% from Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2018 as the organizations that facilitate trafficking illegal aliens from South American countries have learned to game our outdated immigration laws.6

Fact 8: There is an unprecedented wave of criminal aliens in need of deportation.

In Fiscal Year 2018 alone, ICE & CBP removed over a quarter-million illegal aliens. from the United States. Over 57% of these were convicted criminals, with many more pending criminal charges.5

Fact 7: Apprehensions are far surpassing 2018

The flood of illegals into the United States has become so severe that the number of illegal aliens apprehended along the Southern Border (811,016) in fiscal year 2019 has already far surpassed the number for all of fiscal year 2018 (521,090). 1

Fact 6: Number of families apprehended increased 3,041%

In just six years, from fiscal year 2013 to the still incomplete fiscal year 2019, the number of family units apprehended shot up a staggering 3,041% (from 15,0562 to 457,8711). The families coming here are draining hundreds of millions of tax dollars on public schools, health care and other benefits.

Fact 5: UAC will more than double

The number of unaccompanied minors (UAC) coming into the United States illegally is set to more than double in the past six years from fiscal year 2013 (38,7593) to fiscal year 2019 (72,873 as of Aug 20191).

Fact 4: Most asylum applicants aren’t granted asylum

Only 11% of asylum applicants end up being granted asylum status.

Fact 3: 82% apprehended are from countries other than Mexico

In the past 10 years, the percent of illegal aliens apprehended from countries other than Mexico skyrocketed from 8.3% in fiscal year 2009 to 82% this fiscal year.4

Fact 2: Violent MS-13 continues to infiltrate into our country

This fiscal year alone (as of August 2019), 445 MS-13 gang members have been apprehended nationwide by border patrol.1

Fact 1: Deadly Fentanyl is pouring across our border

210 pounds of fentanyl has been seized on the southwest border this fiscal year (as of August 20191) which is enough fentanyl to kill 47,626,300 people. 13.89 pounds of that total was seized on the Texas border which represents enough fentanyl to kill 3.1 million people or the entire population of Houston and Fort Worth put together.

Sign the Petition

End the Border Crisis Now

Demand Congress Secure the Border